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Moon Rock marijuana strain is a 70% Indica and 30% Sativa marijuana. The strain is extremely powerful, with THC levels ranging 21-26%. The herb is not recommending of first-time users as may induce severe couch lock and lethargy. Moon Rock buds are chunky and nicely covered with a fat coat of resin. They have a number of glittering trichomes and smell of spices, nuts, and earth. Moon Rock marijuana is good for evening and night time use.

How to make cannabis Moon Rocks



There is no strict recipe for Moon Rocks, just a common method to be followed. Before making your batch of these beasts, first you will need to decide for what purpose they are being created, and then base the ingredients off of this fact. For example, if you are looking to get as high as possible, you might want to alter the ingredients slightly. You may wish to use a highly concentrated THC cannabis oil instead of hash oil, and could roll these drenched nuggets in pure THC crystals instead of just kief.

If you are looking to make them on purely medical grounds, you could use a nugget of high CBD weed, soak it in high CBD cannabis extract and then roll this mixture in high CBD kief.


Moon Rock Marijuana INGREDIENTS

You will need the following in order to whip up a batch of Moon Rocks:

  • Whole buds from a cannabis strain of your choice.
  • Material to make an outer layer, either kief from selected cannabis strains or cannabis crystals.
  • An oil of your choosing, hash oil or whole plant extract can be used.
  • A set of tweezers.
  • A tiny brush.


Pick a bud from your stash that looks nice, chunky and dense in trichomes.

Use the tiny brush to paint the bud in the oil of your choice. Alternatively, dip the bud into a jar or container filled with the oil.

Use the set of tweezers to roll the now covered nugget on a plate of either kief or crystals.

Let the Moon Rock dry off.

The Moon Rock is now ready to ignite. Break this bad boy apart to admire the multi-layered creation. Resist grinding the Moon Rock as this will separate the kief or crystals.


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