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Green Crack Strain


Green Crack strain Increases focus, boosts creativity, keeps you going all day long. A perfect energy booster. Alleviates depression relieves stress, stimulates appetite.


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Buy Green Crack Strain Online

Green Crack Strain is Sativa Dominant Hybrid. Typically, 65% Sativa and 35% Indica. This bud has sweet fruity/tropical/ citrus flavor, tight nugs with bright orange hairs. Green Crack strain is a pure Sativa, Nice and potent, Green Crack marijuana strain is a perfect energy picker upper, will make you bounce off the walls or provide enough energy to complete a tedious task. Green Crack marijuana is best for morning and daytime use.

The high is decidedly cerebral, with a big mood boost and a jolt of energy. This strain spurs creativity and helps patients get things done. It’s most effective in treating anxiety and depression, along with ADHD, PTSD, and migraines. Green Crack Weed has a sweet flavor with tropical and citrus notes. The buds are dense and tight. Dry mouth occurs frequently, while dry eyes, dizziness, and paranoia, happen less often.
Green Crack Strain


Green crack Weed Genetics
Skunk#1, Blue Dream, OG Kush, Chemdog

green crack Weed Genetics

Medical uses of green crack Weed :
This bud help in treating the following: Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, PTSD, Stress.


Green Crack Effects
Green Crack Bud will give you a Cerebral, Creative, Energizing, Focus, Happy. This energy boost makes it the ultimate morning strain for the marijuana connoisseur who likes to wake-and-bake, and one hit will set your entire day on a course for adventure and fun

Green Crack Marijuana Strain flowering Time
Green Crack may take seven to nine weeks for flowering to be complete. Harvest will come around late September or early October.

Green Crack Strain Strain flowering Time

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