Golden Goat Strain


Golden Goat is widely recognized as one of the most effective sativa dominant variety. Its citrus fragrance and pine flavors deliver an uplifting and energizing effect. This Strain is best used during the day.


Golden Goat

THC Content

CBD Content
CBD: .04%

Lineage: Hawaiian, Island Skunk, & Romulan

Aromas / Flavors
Earthy, Sweet, Citrus

Golden Goat Strain was bred between Hawaiian, Island Sweet Skunk, and Romulan indica originally bred in Topeka, Kansas. THC levels can reach 23% with CBD levels around 1% producing an overwhelming sense of happiness.

The light green buds are covered in orange hairs with a golden layer of trichomes. The sativa dominant of this hybrid will provide happy, euphoric, and uplifting feelings that will last for hours. This is one among the sativa dominant strains with THC level and CBD of 23% and 1.07% respectively. The aroma of Golden Goat will be like the combination of spicy and sweet tropical fruits. This particular strain is attributed as effective in treating a host of chronic conditions like stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and pain. Although this strain is identified as an effective alternative therapy for these conditions, the number of treatable conditions is not restricted to only these.

Golden Goat Flavors

Fatigue, Pain, Stress, Depression


Golden Goat Effects

Golden Goat Effects

Golden Goat marijuana is a powerful Sativa. Though side effects are few, this medication can cause dry mouth, anxiety, or paranoia in some individuals.

Golden Goat Genetics and Grow Info

Golden Goat Genetics and Grow Info

Golden Goat plants flower and are ready for a fruitful harvest in 9 to 11 weeks.


30 grams, 50 grams, 1/2 pounds, 1 pound, QP


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