Galactic Glue Strain

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Galactic Glue Strain is a balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) strain created through crossing the classic GG4 X Gobstopper strains. Known for its sweet yet bitter flavor and sweet berry aroma with an earthy pine. This bud packs a crazy powerful high that leaves you feeling like your mind is filled with glue, all fueled by an insanely potent 20-25% average THC level. The Galactic Glue high is one of the most potent and mind-numbing strains out there, providing both cerebral effects and relaxation. The nugs resemble the shape of peppers and are mint green with yellow-orange hairs with a sheet of crystal amber trichomes all over. Users have reported help with various conditions such as depression, Crohn’s disease, chronic pain, and multiple sclerosis.


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