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Blue Dream has been a feature strain on the website several times, as it’s undoubtedly a strain we can’t get enough off. The strain keeps popping up in various different forms, and this time it took the form of wax. I’d never tried Blue Dream wax before, just the shatter and flower versions, so I was looking forward to this one! The Blue Dream strain is around a half and half mix of the Blueberry and Haze strains.

This wax was much darker than previous types I had tried, but it had a lovely smell and was easy to play around with due to its slightly sticky nature. I tend to prefer wax this way as it is much easier to handle than crumbly dry wax. The wax was also extremely dense, becoming a perfect choice for those who like small, big hitters.

Blue Dream excels in every area, and the wax is just a stronger effect of the Blue Dream flowers, which we all love. The medical results are great for those suffering from depression, and it’s a perfect morning strain for those looking to start the day with motivation and euphoria


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