Atmos Boss Vaporizer


Buying The Atmos Boss

While the Boss is not the newest kid on the vaping block it still provides a dependable, durable, and simple to use a device that gives you a true vape. It might not beat the newer Jump on price but if you prefer a sturdier steel shell design and a smoother flavor then the Boss makes an excellent choice.

Atmos Boss Vaporizer

Vape pens have a number of advantages for those who want to enjoy their herb on-the-go, but many of them have one huge drawback – they combust your material into ashes leading to a bitter flavor. This is made worse by the fact most people will hold their vape pen to one side while inhaling so that most of their herb gets heated unevenly and thus burnt in the process.

Convection Heating

A better way to vape is through a convection based heating chamber, just like the one found in the Atmos Boss. The Boss is not a new product, it was, however, one of the first true vaporizer pens to heat material evenly and it still stands today as a firm favorite for many vape users.

Durable And Portable Design

Although the Boss might not be as short as some of the newer models available now, its slim size still makes it easy to both palm in your hand and store away when not in use. The exterior is made of rugged stainless steel with etchings giving it a futuristic style.

Operating The Atmos Boss

Herb is packed inside the steel chamber at which point a rubber mouthpiece and ceramic filter are attached to direct airflow out of the device. It’s recommended to only fill the chamber halfway to three-quarters full to achieve the evenest heating and efficient airflow. Unlike some other portable vaporizers, there’s no need to mess around with different temperature settings, either. Just turn on the unit by pressing the power button 3 times. A red LED will light and after about 40 seconds it will turn blue indicating that the Boss is ready to use. You’ll get about 75 seconds of time to inhale. This should be plenty to get a couple of hits for yourself and even pass to a friend or two. At that point, the unit shuts off to conserve battery power but it can be reactivated again using the same sequence when it’s time for another hit. The stock configuration of the Boss only allows for vaping dry herb but a separate attachment allows waxes to be enjoyed too, making the unit more flexible than its closest equivalent the Jump.

Atmos Boss Temperature

There is no temperature control which might lead you to wonder exactly how hot does it get? Atmos doesn’t list the exact figure within their specs but it turns out to be about 385F. This is an important point to consider if you like your herb hotter or cooler. For many this will be a good compromise between flavor and cloud size, if you want something a little hotter then consider the Jump which operates around 10 degrees more.

Other Features

The Boss’s 1200 mAh battery can be charged directly into a computer or with the included wall attachment. You can choose between two colors, the natural stainless steel or black.


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