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Hybrids are a crossbred strain of marijuana, containing lineage from both indica and Sativa. Crossbreeding was introduced to marijuana cultivation to bring a balance between the two strains, contribution a product that is used to chill out a Sativa string that lean to cause paranoia, or decrease the tiredness that comes with indica. The broad variety of hybrid strains offer an excess of combination effects, each one unique, making hybrids perfect for those seeking a middle road between the two paths while gathering the benefits of both. Sativa-dominant hybrids provide a relaxing feeling that allows patients to unwind both physically and mentally. They are known to have more of an uplifting effect on your brain and are therefore better suited for daytime use. Indica-dominant hybrids offer a more intense experience, making them ideal for pain relief and help to fall asleep at night. They can also help reduce seizures and alleviating headaches.

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