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What is Dab Rig?

A dab rig is used to smoke rosin, shatter, butane hash oil (BHO), glass, CO2 oil, or other Marijuana Concentrates. The dab rig is a specially designed apparatus that is generally made out of glass.

What is a Wax Pen?

A dab pen is a vaporizer pen specifically designed to vape cannabis concentrates. A regular dab pen comes with atomizers, coils for heating the material and mouthpiece, which you inhale through to get the vapor.

what is Wax Vaporizer Pens?

Wax pens are vape pens used to vaporize herbal wax concentrates and e-solid gels. Wax vape pen atomizers are for use with wax concentrates and thick oils.

What does vape pen mean?
vape pen is a similar device for using marijuana, which vaporizes the active molecules in concentrated marijuana oil.

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