Everything You Need to Know About Marijuana Concentrates THC Oils, Hash, Wax, Shatter & Dabs

Cannabis concentrates are products that have been created from the marijuana plant and are much more potent than just flower alone. There are various forms of marijuana concentrates – THC Oils, Hash, Wax, Shatter & Dabs. These concentrates are very potent and have much higher levels of THC and CBD compared to Marijuana flowers.

Weed concentrates very potent and has much higher levels of THC and CBD compared to Marijuana flowers. There are different ways that patients and recreational users can intake cannabis concentrate. It can be infused in food and drinks, vaped, dabbed, or smoked.


Cannabis Concentrates comes in many shape and sizes and the different method of extraction. There are many different ways to prepare a concentrate, and these terms will widely express the differences between various preparation methods.


A translucent golden-amber, shatter maintains a rigid consistency which can be snapped and broken. Produced in a vacuum, shatter can further solidify flavor and stability, increasing terpene richness — boosting the overall effect.
Shatter is considered to be a fairly stable and glass-like concentrate that most of the time will “shatter” into many pieces. BHO was one of the first concentrates to hit medical and recreational markets.


During the creation process, when BHO is vacuumed or whipped the wax transforms into a soft and brittle substance that crumbles easily. Depending on how much it has been broken down, crumble should be able to break into suitable sized dabs before a session.

Is Usually the product of butane extraction and most often comes from a failed butter/shatter extract. Wax concentrates are often wax-like (not formed) and sticky. These concentrates can sometimes be found with a softer consistency, almost like watery peanut butter.


An extremely potent concentrate popularly consumed by dabbing or vaporizing. Marijuana oil is commonly extracted using the butane method and, unlike wax and shatter, is the same consistency of most other oil products.


Budder is also a product of butane extraction, while often whipping the wax into a more stable consistency. This concentrate has a yellow hue and crumbly texture