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Browse our selection of bulk cannabinoids, concentrates and CBD extracts.
We offer wholesale crystalline CBD isolate and THC-free distillate sold in grams and kilograms.
Our wholesale CBD is extracted at the Mile high lab in Denver, Colorado. All products are produced from premium quality hand shucked industrial hemp biomass. All customers are invited to tour our extraction facility at any time to view inventory of bulk CBD isolate,distillate and decarboxylated CBD hemp oil. Medical Marijuana plug LLC has some of the best prices in the Unites States for high purity ethanol extracted bulk CBD crystal.

Why Purchase From Us?
We use organic hand-shucked high CBD hemp biomass for CBD isolate and distillate production. At our extraction facility, we only use the finest quality hemp biomass in our CBD isolate and distillate extraction process. The majority of hemp biomass used in production is sourced from our ownfarm. Hand-shucked biomass is preferred over combined biomass to produce our distillate and isolate crystal.We use a sophisticated ethanol extraction system to extract high levels of CBD from industrial hemp. The ethanol is heated with the CBD hand-shucked biomass and decarboxylated to remove the plant matter and other unnecessary plant components. Excess ethanol is evaporated using an advanced evaporation
system. Our evaporation system ensures that very low amounts of solvent residue are left over in the remaining finished product. Residue levels in our wholesale CBD are guaranteed to be under 0.5%. Testing results are offered for all our distributed products.

Premium industrial hemp biomass is turned into decarboxylated CBD hemp oil. Medical Marijuana plug LLC uses an advanced system to convert decarboxylated hemp crude oil into high purity CBD distillate. CBD distillate is converted into high purity CBD isolate at our lab. Feel free to contact us to learn more
about our process and resulting testing of finished bulk CBD crystal products. Ethanol extraction is cheaper than CO2 extraction to produce CBD isolate and distillate and these cost savings are passed to our customers. Our goal is to offer the cheapest crystalline bulk isolate and distillate in all of United States and worldwide.

CBD Distillate Crystal
Medical Marijuana plug LLC produces CBD distillate from high-quality organic hemp biomass. If you are looking to buy CBD distillate wholesale in United States and worldwide,look no further. Please contact us for a price quote. We have some of the best prices for CBD distillate crystal sold by the kilogram.Our clients are extremely happy with our prices and lab-testing. CBD distillate sold by us is processed from the best quality  Colorado-grown hemp guaranteed. All wholesale distillate comes with a certificate of analysis. Please contact us to learn more about pricing and MOQ.

CBD Isolate Crystal
Wholesale CBD isolate sold online by Medical Marijuana plug LLC is processed from hand-shucked organic hemp biomass grown in Colorado. Our company has the best wholesale prices for high-purity crystalline CBD isolate. Medical Marijuana plug LLC CBD isolate crystal is sold by the kilogram, with further discounts on larger purchases. Bulk CBD isolate for sale is produced at our high-tech lab in Denver, CO. We welcome all clients to inquire about our bulk cbd concentrates for sale.Please contact us to learn about pricing and MOQ.

Other Services from Medical Marijuana plug LLC Decarboxylated CBD Oil
We offer wholesale decarboxylated CBD hemp oil for sale. If you wish to purchase decarboxylated hemp oil, please reach out to us for a quote.



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